Tracking via SFTP Location - FAQ

  • Is there any example of the tracking data file containing Event Origin and On-forwarding Number fields? 
    The example of the tracking data file that we have is for Royal Mail and it does not contain these two fields as they are not being shared with us by this carrier. We may be receiving it for other carriers, however we do not have an example for this. 
  • Is there a list of 4 digit codes possible for Event Origin field?
    The tracking data file will contain the data we import from the carrier, so the 4 digit location code would be whatever code is supplied in the tracking data the customer sends us. It is not like the Event Code where we have a set list that is used across all carriers.
  • Are RSA keys necessary to setup the SFTP location? Will username and password not be enough?
    No, unfortunately the username and password are not enough. We have security specs that we have to meet and the minimum requirement for someone to connect to our SFTP location is using RSA keys. 
  • When trying to connect to the SFTP location we are receiving a "disconnect from... Too many users for this IP" error message.
    This is because of the restrictions that are in place. Because of the issues we experienced in the past we had to limit the number of connections to one at the time only. We advised our customers to only open one connection, pick up the relevant tracking files and disconnect. You should not be connecting to our SFTP location multiple times. 
  • What is the size of the tracing file?

    It can vary from 1KB up to around 2,7KB.