Tracking via SFTP Location

Please see some important points regarding the setup approach:


The set up is mainly done on our end. Once completed you will automatically receive updates for:

  • Domestic Tracked
  • Special Delivery
  • International Tracked products,

if you have contract with Royal Mail to use those services. Please note that there will be no tracking updates for any ‘untracked’ products.

Tracking events:

You will receive visibility of the complete parcel journey. For a list of all tracking events available, tracking data file naming, overview, format and an example please see our Intelligent Shipper Tracking SFTP Access Specification document.
You might need to pass this onto your development team to review and ensure you can pick up and convert all the events. In addition you will receive two more tracking events which are being created by default at the point when a shipment is manifested / closed out:

  • DFSF - Departed Hub
  • SIAN - Shipment Announced.

SFTP location:

We will set up an SFTP location where you would connect to and pick up tracking files. Please see further details below:

  • To set up the SFTP location, please create RSA public and private key and provide the public key to Intersoft. The private key will be used by you to connect to the SFTP.
  • Intersoft will create a SFTP location where the files will be sent to and provide connection details. The files will be placed in the main location on the SFTP. There will also be Archive folder where you can move any files which have been picked up. Any files older than 30 days will be automatically removed from the location.

To avoid possible connection errors for you and other customers - please open only one connection at the time, pick up the relevant tracking files and disconnect.

In case of any questions or if you would like to progress - please contact Customer success – Onboarding Team at